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:U i am doing the colour palette thing too, except I didnt use prompts haha


a paint over of one scene from wolf children ame and yuki
such a wonderful movie
cried lots


OH MAN I SUCK. I was going to post this yesterday for Free Comic Book Day, buuut after sketching/handing out comics all day at my local shop, I pretty much crashed as soon as I got home.
But I was overwhelmed with the positive reception I got to the preview of this comic I posted a few weeks ago, as well as how excited people have been to buy copies at cons since then. So now, as promised, is my original comic MARKED in its entirety :D Thanks for waiting for it, and I hope you’re satisfied with the ending!

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Concept Art for From Up On Poppy Hill
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by ふゆき

Roxie rides a tsunami of poison types

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A selection of beautiful painted backgrounds from the Studio Ghibli film The Wind Rises (風立ちぬ) in the Roman Album Extra (Amazon US | JP).


King pachirisu! Congratulation!


So I scanned in the 3 new illustrations, sketches, and a few pictures that were already released but now in larger size for folks who don’t have the Miika artbook. Some of the pictures are cut off though because the artbook is kinda really big and my poor small scanner can’t scan it all in. Here are camera-shots of the pages that are cut off but they’re not the best quality.

Enjoy Zektbaching, peeps. (´・ω・`)



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okay enough zekt for today


oops i accidentally more zektbach

i have lots of otp feels for these two


i’ve been trying to draw l’erisia for months bc of jenna’s cosplay

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