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Copy me! by HoshiHanabi

Thanks for the credit, I appreciate it ♥♥


Artist: Hoshi

Website: Tumblr | DeviantArt 

Christmas gift drawings for my sister from last year, 2012… (I wonder why she asked for RT, though…? not really, she said I could draw anything I wanted LMAO)

I found them lying around in my computer files and decided to upload them. Sorry for weird coloring and anatomy mistakes but hey, I’ve improved since then XDD;;;

Some people say they are more comfortable with traditional media than digital, but I’m the opposite…. ever since I’ve gotten used to my tablet I can barely draw with a pen anymore HAHA

My friend requested that I put more art on my blog. Okay, then… XDD
This thing has been lying in my WIP pile for like, 5 months or something OTL seriously what is procrastination

Please click on the thumbnail for better view.

Ugh, feels like ages since I drew something, especially original stuff lol.

Played around in an app I purchased a while ago, Colors! 3D.
I actually drew these pictures in April~June, I just didn’t upload them lolol.

I’m not used to Colors OTL;; it takes so long to draw. I think it must be easier for people with 3DS XL, haha


Lost in Space by HoshiHanabi

Ahahaha, I found my own art ヽ(゜∇゜ヽ)
It’s almost a year old and I used a mouse omg;;;



I drew Amaya for Mimmi~

Man, I love her design! ♥♥♥ thanks for letting me draw her ;;;w;;;

I hope the magenta doesn’t kill your eyes lmao

I’ve been drawing original stuff lately.

I finally finished Kou for siaschach~ ♥♥♥♥ hope you like him ;;;w;;;

Brighter version here!

Doodle of Celoproxy's OC, Anna~ just to practice drawing her.

I hope I got her hair color right… ( ´∀`);;;

ughhhh I should actually study……;;;;;

tags » original · elementalwind · celoproxy ·

Been ages since I’ve drawn…. school takes up my time, aaargh.

I was supposed to put a lot of effort into the coloring, but at the end the laziness got me lol

sorry about Raphael’s shirt, I know it’s sloppy OTL;;;

Rhythm Thief 30 Day Challenge: Day 4

Favorite Female Character

Maaaarieeeee ´///w///` <3

Her voice is better in French though, imo… more feeling than the English one.

20-30 minutes-ish doodle of Raphael. It’s 2:42 AM right now and I’m so bored and I don’t want to sleep gaaahhh

sorry if the colors look strange, my computer monitor is weird

Like I promised, a drawing of Cam (and a bonus CamxHeroine doodle) for you, Saga <3

Hope you like it hahaha *ugh nasty Tumblr resizing though*

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